Technical SEO Consultant

Technical SEO consultant may seem hard, and honestly, it can be. But, at its core, it's about making the user experience better.

14 Jan 2024

Technical SEO Consultant
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Everyone knows the saying "location, location, location." It's not only important for real estate, but it's also key in digital marketing. Your "spot" on the internet can be a big part of your online success. To get the best digital "spot," you need a technical SEO consultant. These experts use special ways to make your website show up more in organic search results. This helps you get a great place in the digital world.

Technical SEO may seem hard, and honestly, it can be. But, at its core, it's about making the user experience better. Search engines like Google want to give their users the best experience. They want to show them the most relevant, high-quality, and user-friendly websites when they search. A technical SEO consultant helps your website meet these goals.

By finding and fixing issues that can make user experience bad, like slow page speed or crawl errors, a technical SEO consultant makes your website easier to use. This can greatly reduce the chance of visitors leaving your site due to a bad user experience. This means they spend more time looking at your content.

What is a technical SEO consultant?

A Technical SEO consultant is like a doctor for websites. They check the hidden part of your website to make sure it works well. Your website needs to be healthy on the inside so it works well on search engines.

These consultants help make your website easy for search engines like Google to understand. This can make your website show up better when people search online. When people search for things your business does, a well-done website will show up higher. This means more people can see your website and you can get more customers!

Consultants work with business owners to keep their websites in top shape. They check how fast your website works, how easy it is to use, and if there are any problems. All these things can change where your website shows up when people search.

Technical SEO consultants also fix any problems on your website. This could be links that don't work or copy content. These things can hurt how your website works. These consultants know a lot about SEO strategies and keep up with changes in the rules from Google and other search engines.

Many of these consultants have worked for many years with different websites. They know what works best to make your website work better. They can check your website to find any problems and then work to fix them. This might involve changing the tags on your website or making the website faster.

The goal of all this work is to get more people to visit your website from search engines without paid ads. More traffic can lead to more customers and a better business.

In short, a Technical SEO consultant can be a big help for any business owner wanting to improve their website and reach more customers. They can help your website work better and show up more in search results.

What does a technical SEO specialist do?

So, what does a Technical SEO Specialist do exactly? Well, they're like the mechanics of the digital world, making sure your website's "engine" runs smoothly. They focus on the technical parts of your website that search engines look at when deciding how to rank sites.

Firstly, a Technical SEO Specialist looks at your website to see if it's easy for search engines to understand. They want to make sure there's nothing confusing or out of place. For example, they check if your website has any duplicate content. Duplicate content is when the same text appears in more than one place on your site. Search engines don't like this, and it can hurt your ranking.

Next, they check for "crawl errors." Crawl errors happen when a search engine tries to find a page on your site but can't. It's like inviting someone to your house but not giving them the right directions. SEO Specialists can fix these errors so search engines can find all the pages on your site.

They also look at how fast your site loads. Page speed is important because if your site takes too long to load, people might leave. And if people leave, search engines might think your site isn't good quality.

SEO Specialists also check how your website is built. They look at things like meta tags, which are hidden bits of text that tell search engines what your site is about. Correctly using meta tags can help your site rank higher.

After checking your site, SEO Specialists then fix any problems they find. They use their years of experience and knowledge of SEO strategies to make these fixes.

In the end, the work of a Technical SEO Specialist is all about making your website work better for both users and search engines. Their goal is to improve your site's ranking, helping your business get found by more people in organic search results.

How do I become a technical SEO expert?

So, you're thinking of becoming a Technical SEO Expert? That's a great career choice! Here are some steps you can follow to reach your goal:

  1. Learn the Basics

    : Start by learning the basics of SEO. There's a lot of free resources online you can use. Look up topics like "how search engines work," "what is SEO," and "SEO strategies."

  2. Get Some Skills

    : Next, you need to learn some technical skills. Knowing how to code in HTML and CSS is a must. It's also useful to understand JavaScript and Python. Plus, you'll need to learn about website design and how to use SEO tools.

  3. Keep Up with Changes

    : SEO is always changing. That's because search engines like Google and other search engines often update their algorithms. So, you need to keep up with the latest news and trends. Following SEO blogs or joining SEO forums can help with this.

  4. Get Experience

    : Now it's time to get some hands-on experience. You could start by improving the SEO of your own website or blog. Or, you could offer your services for free to a local business. This experience will give you practical skills and something to put on your resume.

  5. Get Certified

    : You might also want to consider getting certified. While it's not necessary, it can help show potential employers that you know what you're doing. There are many online courses you can take to get an SEO certification.

  6. Network

    : Finally, networking can be a great way to find job opportunities. You can network online, like on LinkedIn, or in person at SEO conferences or meetups.

Remember, becoming an expert in anything takes time and practice. So, be patient and keep learning. With hard work and determination, you can become a Technical SEO Expert!

How much does technical SEO cost?

Technical SEO is a valuable part of your online strategy. But how much does it cost? Well, the answer isn't straightforward. The cost of Technical SEO can vary a lot, depending on various factors. Here are some of them:

  1. Agency vs. Freelancer

    : Hiring an SEO agency might cost you more than hiring a freelancer. But, an agency usually has a team of experts. So, they can offer a wider range of services. Freelancers might charge less, but they may not offer as many services.

  2. Experience

    : Experience matters a lot. SEO experts with many years of experience usually charge more. But they can often deliver better results. Beginners might charge less, but their work might not be as effective.

  3. Location

    : Where the SEO expert is located can affect the cost too. For example, experts in big cities might charge more than those in smaller towns.

  4. Services

    : The kind of services you need will also impact the cost. For example, if you just need an SEO audit, it could cost less. But, if you need ongoing SEO services, it could cost more.

So, how much should you expect to pay? On average, you might pay anywhere from $80 to $200 per hour for an SEO consultant. If you're hiring an agency, it might cost from $500 to $3000 per month. And if you're buying a one-time service, like an SEO audit, it might cost from $600 to $2000.

Remember, when it comes to SEO, you often get what you pay for. So, while it might be tempting to go with the cheapest option, it might not give you the best results. Instead, consider the value the SEO expert can provide. With the right expert, you can improve your site's visibility and increase your organic traffic. And that can help your business grow.

The Long-term Value of Hiring a Technical SEO Consultant

You might think hiring a technical SEO consultant is too costly. But, it's better to think of it as a smart choice. Yes, there's a cost to start. But the good things you get back can be a lot more. When your website gets more visits and works better for users, you can get more customers. This means your business can make more money.

A technical SEO consultant has many special skills. They use these skills to fix different parts of your website. When all parts work well, your website gets better as a whole. This makes your website show up more in search results. So, hiring a technical SEO consultant can be very helpful for your business.

How to Identify a Competent Technical SEO Consultant

You might wonder, "How do I find a good technical SEO consultant?" One big clue is how long they've been doing this work. Think of them like a cook who has been cooking for many years. They know how to make your website really good.

Another important thing is that the consultant keeps learning new things. The rules for search engines can change often. These changes can make your website move up or down in the search results. A good consultant keeps track of these changes. They change your website to match the new rules. This is really important for your website to do well.

There are also other things to think about. What has the consultant done before? Have they helped other websites like yours? What do their other clients say about them? Did those websites do better after the consultant worked on them? A good consultant will have good answers to these questions.

How the consultant talks to you is also important. Do they explain things clearly? Do they listen to your questions and answer them well? You will work closely with this person. So it's important that you understand each other.

The cost is also something to think about. Some consultants might be really cheap. Others might be really expensive. The right price depends on what you need and what you can pay. But remember, a good consultant can help your website make more money.

The Unique Skill Set of a Technical SEO Consultant

Think of a technical SEO consultant as a digital detective. They use their know-how to check your website for problems. They know a lot about SEO strategies. This helps them solve tricky issues. They keep up with changes in the digital world. They're ready for changes to algorithms. Plus, they can fix technical SEO problems. These could be things like duplicate content or issues with meta tags.

A good technical SEO consultant helps get more organic traffic to your website. In the world of digital marketing, organic traffic is like foot traffic in real stores. More foot traffic means more potential customers. The same goes for organic traffic on your website. More traffic can lead to more sales. Plus, these experts are good at doing a deep check of your website. This is called a technical SEO audit. They look for and fix any issues that might hurt your SEO performance.

The Wide Range of Businesses That Can Benefit from a Technical SEO Consultant

Many business owners think they don't need a technical SEO consultant. But, it's like fixing a car or a machine. It's best to let professionals do it. No matter how big or small your business is, a technical SEO audit can help your website.

You can see a technical SEO consultant as a helper for your website. They can make your website work well on search engines. They can make your pages load fast. They can fix crawl errors. They can also tweak meta tags to make your website work better. By doing these things, they can help your website show up higher in search results. This makes your website easy to find for potential customers.

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