Streamlining a Talk of The Turf group’s website.

In today’s digital age, a well-designed website can be a powerful tool. The site was also supposed to contain detailed information about the horses. It was important for TalkofTheTurf to have a website that will be well-optimized for SEO to improve its visibility on search engines.

What did our client need?

Seo Optimization

To optimize the page for SEO, we performed extensive keyword research and incorporated those keywords into the page’s content and metadata.


To achieve these goals we utilized tools that allowed for easy updates and modifications to the website, as well as integrated payment processing.

What did we use?

We have explored various techniques, systems, programs, and technologies. Here are the three technologies that we used in this project:

  1. Next.js: We used Next.js to improve performance and take advantage of its advanced features.
  2. Tailwind CSS and Tailwind UI component library: To create a visually appealing and responsive design, The Startup Nest employed Tailwind CSS and the Tailwind UI component library.
  3. Contentful CMS.

What was the final result?

The website was well-received by the Talk Of The Turf. It helps attract a significant amount of traffic. The website also ranks highly on search engine results pages, attracting even more traffic to the site.

We are welcome any feedback, and you can check it out here:

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– Happy Client